Flu Clinics

1st October 2018

Please telephone the surgery to make an appointment to book a Flu Vaccination. Also let us know if you would like to decline the vaccination.
We have a good supply of both the vaccines and will continue running flu clinics to meet the demand.
If you are not available for a flu clinic date please explain this to the Reception team and we will make you an appointment that will suit you.

Eligible Patients;

You are in the "at risk" group if you are aged 65 (by 31/3/19) or over, OR have the following conditions;
•Chronic Heart, Kidney or Liver Disease
•Weakened Immune system
•Severe Asthma (on a preventative inhaler) or chronic respiratory disease
•Transplant patient
•Spleen removal
•All pregnant woman
•BMI over 40
•Chronic neurological disease (such as Parkinsons disease, motor neurone disease, stroke and transient Ischaemic attacks.
Please get in touch to book your appointment.

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